Five shows I’ll be curling up with this autumn

Sofa coffee laptop

Netflix completely changed the way that many of us now watch tv shows and films, giving us access to thousands that would have cost a fortune to buy as DVDs; the rise of other sites like Amazon Prime and Now TV have added to the appeal of staying in and curling up on the sofa with a glass of wine and ice-cream, rather than going out and having to deal with other people. Shudder.

Here’s what we (and Marple) will be watching over the next few months (some for the eleventieth time…)

  1. The West Wing (Now TV) – Jed Bartlett will always be the ultimate President to me, and I’d like to be Donna’s bestie plsthankyou.
  2. Gilmore Girls  (Netflix) – The joy when this was released on Netflix was intense. Don’t start watching unless you have time for several episodes.
  3. The Collection (Amazon Prime) – It’s a period drama about French fashion, with Frances de la Tour and Richard Coyle. What’s not to like? I can’t wait to get stuck in.
  4. The Big Bang Theory (Netflix) – No, you have a tiny bit of a crush on Leonard…the short episodes make TBBT worryingly easy to watch five episodes at a time.
  5. Arrested Development (Netflix) – Mr Mouse has never seen this and I’m not saying that we’ll be in trouble if he doesn’t like it but….

What will you be watching as the weather gets colder?

3 thoughts on “Five shows I’ll be curling up with this autumn

  1. The West Wing and Gilmore Girls are top of my list too, but I’ll also be watching The Killing. Love cosying up under a blanket on the couch with hot chocolate and a good TV series when it starts to get colder and darker out.


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