Etsy prints #2 – coffee


My first installment of Etsy print picks was all about lipstick, and this time I’ve gone with one of my other favourite things: coffee. I’m a total caffeine addict, literally – I get headaches and the shakes if I don’t have enough – so it makes sense that I’d like my walls adorned with my best pal.

  1. Louisa May Alcott nails it with this quote. Yes, someone telling me I’m fabulous is lovely but only after coffee. It’s £10 plus postage here.
  2. I adore the Scandi kettle in this one – both striking and simple. It’s £9.50 plus postage here.
  3. My sentiments entirely. Find this for £12 plus postage here.
  4. The stovetop espresso makers are iconic and I love the combo of font and image. It’s £13 plus postage here.
  5. This is substantially more spendy than the others but is a classic design, signed and numbered by the artist. It’s £81.95 here.

Are you a coffee lover? Do any of these float your mug?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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