Five of my favourite YouTubers

Laoptop cake coffee bedWatching beauty videos on YouTube has been my guilty pleasure for a couple of years now; there’s something very self-indulgent about spending time watching other people putting their makeup on, but I find it oddly relaxing. There are a whole tonne of YouTuber clichés – overuse of ‘obsessed’, the inability to find any adjectives other than ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’, excruciatingly repetitive music – but I’ve got a list of people whose videos either make great background ‘noise’, who give me ideas for makeup etc, or who I just find entertaining (or a mixture of the three). Here are my five favourites, whose videos I’m always happy to see pop up in my feed:

  1. RachhLoves – Rachel is Canadian, perky, gorgeous, and super-friendly. Her Pinterest hacks videos are great, and I just find her cheering.
  2. Sharon Farrell – Sharon is Irish but lives in Sydney; she’s a professional makeup artist so her tutorials are really good, and I love her collabs with…
  3. Karima McKimmie – Previously known as Shameless Fripperies, Karima is Australian, gorgeous, and a whizz at eyeshadow blending. Her videos with Sharon (‘Sharima’) are hilarious.
  4. FleurDeForce – I find Fleur surprisingly watchable, mainly for her product round-ups and her sausage dog Piglet.
  5. LovelyGirlieBits – Karen is bloody hilarious (and her snapchat is even funnier). I don’t know why she doesn’t have more subscribers because she’s brilliant.

These five are obviously in addition to my favourite bloggers who also do YouTube – Hannah Gale, Poppy Dinsey, and Talonted Lex.

ETA: I forgot Sali Hughes! Her In the Bathroom series is one of my favourite things to curl up with on a Sunday afternoon.

Whose videos do you watch? Any recommendations for me?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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