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July shopping list

Unlike most months, June seemed to last about 94 days. The last week in particular has been slightly hellish in the UK, in the aftermath of the EU referendum (which I’m not going to talk about on here but…*sadangryface*)  so I think a lot of people have been really looking forward to July and the promise of better weather – and payday. My shopping list for June worked fairly well, although I’m not going to pretend that the six things were all I bought *whistles*. Having said that, having the things I really wanted set out did help me focus my spending habits so I’m going to try and make it a monthly feature. Onto July’s list!

  1. These sandals aren’t my usual style but for some reason I really like them. My in-laws’ golden wedding anniversary party is next weekend and I think these might work with whichever dress I go for, but also look ace with jeans. They’re £25 and, rather unexpectedly, from M&S.
  2. The Jouer Long-wear Lip Colour in Petale de Rose is, in fact, on my lips as I type this. Cult Beauty had a 15% discount on everything for their 8th birthday so the Kypris Moonlight Catalyst and this lippy found themselves winging their way to me. Full review soon but first impressions are good. They’re £14 here.
  3. The Nars Illuminator in Copacabana might also already be on my face and I loves it. I woke up on Tuesday morning to find an order confirmation email from SpaceNK for this and a Lipstick Queen gloss that I’d apparently bought in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep… Still, the damage could have been a lot worse and both of the things are awesome. Reviews coming soon. The Nars is £23 here.
  4. Back to things that I haven’t bought yet. I still haven’t tried any of the Zoeva makeup, despite loving their brushes, and theRose Golden eyeshadow palette is gorgeous. Do I need it? Hell no. Would it look beautiful on my eyeballs? Why yes, yes it would. Find it here for £18.
  5. I’ve had this dress in my ASOS saved items for about 2 months now, and think it might be time to actually get it and decide if I like it on or not. I’m not much of a dress person at the moment but this could be the one to jolt me out of my ripped jeans and t-shirt phase. It’s £30 at ASOS.
  6. Lastly is the relatively new Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist from NIOD (who else would name a product like that?). There’s a mass of scientific info about it on the website but all I need to know is that it helps protect the skin, keep it hydrated, and help with inflammation. I haven’t found a NIOD product I haven’t loved yet so I’m all over this one, especially as it comes in a huge 240ml bottle. It’s £34 here.

What’s on your list for July?

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