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Etsy prints #1 – lipstick

I bloody love Etsy. It’s like Not on the High Street’s bigger, and less curated, relative and it’s worryingly easy to lose too much time scrolling through thousands of pages. It’s one of my favourite places to buy prints, although it can be hard to narrow down the choices so I’ll be choosing a few on various themes, to hopefully make the process a little easier. So, let’s have a look at the lipstick choices:

  1. There are several hundred lip print pieces available but I like the simplicity and colour of this one. It’s £15.50 including UK postage for the A3 size here.
  2. Mac lipsticks seem to be a favourite of Etsy artists but few show them destroyed. I think this is really striking, if a little pricier than some. It’s £20.82 for the A4 print here.
  3. One of the most affordable ways to buy prints is to purchase the jpeg and print it yourself. The beauty spot makes this one fabulous and the file is only £4.64 here.
  4. This one might be my favourite. There are various versions of this print of the lipstick case patent but this is one of the most affordable and comes in loads of background colours. It’s £18.38 for the A3 here.
  5. Finally is another one to print yourself. I love the brush strokes and the shading on this one; it’s £6.00 for the A4 jpeg here.

Are you a fan of Etsy? Would you like any of these hanging on your wall?

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