Review: Bed Head Tigi Fully Loaded

Tigi Fully LoadedBed Head by Tigi, purveyors of much-loved and extremely sweet-smelling hair products, have a new range out, called Fully Loaded, designed to give ‘massive volume’ to fine hair. According to the press release, “[a]s you wash, the shampoo releases its innovative technology onto your hair to give you volume you can see and feel! The shampoo is packed with UPLOADER™ technology that gives hair ‘volume memory’ as its blow dried, meaning the body and volume created is ‘remembered’ throughout the day.”

I have a (currently overgrown) pixie cut and, frankly, too much volume would make me look like Jed Bartlett in the later seasons of The West Wing so I was slightly apprehensive about trying a range made with ‘fiber-thickening technology’ (sic) but I needn’t have worried. I used both shampoo* and conditioner* together, without any other styling product, for four days and noticed no extra volume. My hair was shiny and soft, and also seemed to have a little more texture, making it easy to style (shove to one side with a bit of styling paste), but it was no bigger than usual. Maybe those with longer hair will notice more difference?

The shampoo has sodium laureth sulfate as the foaming agent, which I usually try to avoid as it irritates a small patch of psoriasis on my scalp, but will be fine for most people. It washes out easily and doesn’t seem to leave much of a coating on the hair. The conditioning jelly, on the other hand, did start to leave my hair feeling a bit weighed down after the four days, perhaps due to the dimethicone and mineral oil (the fifth and sixth ingredients). It’s not the most moisturising formula so those with drier hair probably won’t find it enough for their barnet.

Lovers of the usual Bedhead scents will really like the fragrance, I suspect, but I thought it was a bit like washing my hair with liquidised Percy Pigs – just too sweet for me, sorry!

If you can get a sample, I’d give it go. The shampoo especially has had some great reviews elsewhere so it definitely seems to be one of those ranges that works really well for some people and not at all for others. The shampoo is £12.95 for 250ml and the conditioner £14.95 for 200ml, available at Regis.

Will you be trying the Fully Loaded range? Do you have a favourite Bed Head product?

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