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A few of my favourite bloggers


I think that the vast majority of bloggers enjoy reading other blogs – sometimes hundreds of them – but it can be hard to find new ones if you’re not around for Twitter chats etc. I find myself occasionally getting stuck in a blog rut so I always welcome recs. of new things to read – send them over!

There are some bloggers whose new posts make me skip most of my Bloglovin’ feed in order to read them as soon as they’re published. The main thing that endears a blogger to me is compelling writing – I like a pretty flat lay as much as the next person but if a blog has bad writing I just can’t read it. By ‘bad writing’ I mean using words in an incorrect way, resorting to the same adjectives repeatedly, not proof-reading before hitting ‘publish’. We all let the odd mistake slip by now and then, but if it seems as if the writer can’t be arsed to read back what they’ve written, it really annoys the bejesus out of me (#sorrynotsorry). I also seem to gravitate towards bloggers who are closer to my own age; I have the utmost respect for writers of any age but I just have more in common with those in their late-twenties and thirties, I think.

Anyway, four bloggers whose posts I pretty much unfailingly love are:

  1. Hannah Gale – yes, her writing style might be an acquired taste but she’s articulate, honest, funny, and just seems like the kind of woman I’d like to get blindingly drunk with. Also fabulous on YouTube.
  2. Poppy Dinsey – Poppy is who I want to be when I grow up (despite being a year or two younger than me). She’s hilarious, wise, and gorgeous. As with Hannah, I also love her videos.
  3. British Beauty Blogger – for a beauty blog that focusses on new releases rather than in-depth reviews, Jane can’t really be beaten. She also writes the occasional post about the state of the industry, which are always fascinating, and her Periscopes are addictive.
  4. Talonted Lex – as well as having a highly-impressive nail polish collection (and amazing talons), Lex writes really eloquently and honestly about her rosacea, and I really trust her product reviews (as with all four bloggers here). She also has a brilliant #UnwearableLex hashtag on Instagram, featuring some truly bizarre lip colours.

Whose posts do you read straight away and who would you recommend to me?

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