My two go-to eyeshadow quads

Chanel Tissé Rivoli Tom Ford Nude Dip I love a gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 12 or 16 shades as much as the next person but I tend to get so much more use out of quads. I also think there are some amazing brands that do really affordable eyeshadows but there’s something undeniably special about a beautiful quad from Chanel, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, Estée Lauder etc. The shades tend to be curated so you don’t have to think about whether they go together or not, whereas some of the larger palettes can feel a bit overwhelming.

The two quads I’ve been reaching for on an almost daily basis recently are the Chanel Tissé Rivoli and the Tom Ford Nude Dip. I didn’t realise quite how similar the shades were until I swatched them side by side…apparently I have a comfort zone when it comes to makeup shades.

Chanel Tissé Rivoli swatchesFirst up is the Chanel Tissé Rivoli, which was actually the quad I used for my wedding makeup. It has a great set of cool/neutral taupe shades, which really suit my colouring, all of which are shimmery. I do wish that there was a matte shade in there (and I did have to do a panic run to Boots on the morning of the wedding when I realised that I’d forgotten my Urban Decay Basics 2 palette. I really don’t recommend legging it up Prince’s Street with 4 hours to go, by the way – just don’t do it!), but the pigmentation is much better than I thought it would be and they go on really smoothly. The swatch is top to bottom, left to right, so you can see that, oddly, the first shade comes out slightly darker than the last, which you wouldn’t expect – something to bear in mind before whacking it on your lids.

The Chanel quads are £40 each (link to Feel Unique) and last for ages, because the shadows are baked. I’d definitely get another one. Tom Ford Nude Dip swatchesI’d like to start by saying that I bought the Tom Ford Nude Dip quad from another member of the Sali Hughes forum who found it too cool-toned for her. I point this out just in case my mother reads this and has a heart attack at the thought that I spent over £60 on eyeshadow: I didn’t (but I might, when this one runs out…). I do think that Tom Ford makeup is overpriced but it’s also amazing quality. These are the smoothest, creamiest shadows I’ve ever tried – they blow the Urban Decay shadows out of the cosmetic water. This palette could also do with a matte shade but I’ll forgive it because the shimmers are so gorgeous. The swatches are in the same order as the Chanel, so you can see that the colours look very similar in the pan to on the skin – handy.

The Tom Ford quads are £64 each (link to John Lewis) and whilst I can’t say that any eyeshadow is worth that much, it is really very good.

Do you prefer quads or bigger palettes?

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