Five happy happenings #17

Flower collage

Ah, I love a three day working week. As I mentioned here, I spent a couple of days in Glasgow last weekend and it was great to explore somewhere different without any real plans or timetable. I also took the Tuesday after the bank holiday off so didn’t go into the office until Wednesday, which was marvellous.

Some other happy things:

  1. The flowers at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens (see the collage above). Our hotel overlooked the gardens, which was ace, and they were also wonderful to wander through before we came home.
  2. Nic’s NYC Deli – this was also opposite the hotel and they do the most amazing doughnuts. We may have brought six home with us – the highlights were the chocolate orange and the one with a Kinder hippo plonked on top. Obviously.
  3. Vanilla and almond milk iced coffee. When it comes to hot coffee, I’m very much an added-flavour-free zone – give me black coffee or a (proper) flat white only, please – but I’m not averse to a bit of vanilla or chocolate in iced coffee (although not syrup – too sweet). I like the Rude Health Almond Milk, which adds an extra bit of flavour.
  4. Being able to lie in the garden, typing and reading and drinking wine. One of the main reasons that we moved back to Durham from Newcastle almost two years ago was to have a proper garden, and it really comes into its own on days like today, especially as Mr Mouse quite likes gardening so I don’t have to do it…
  5. Making it to six months of being married! Seeing that we got married in the middle of Storm Desmond, today couldn’t be more of a contrast, which I rather like.

What happy happenings have you had recently?

2 thoughts on “Five happy happenings #17

  1. the sunshine has definitely made me very happy, it’s so nice to have a bit of warmth instead of miserable dampness all the time! and congrats on 6 months of marriage, it’ll be my 4th year of marriage this August (although I have been with him for 16 years!).


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