5 happy happenings #16

peonies-772217 It’s been a funny ol’ couple of weeks – let’s just say that I’m really looking forward to the long weekend coming up in the UK…

I have had some happy things, though:

  1. The smell of freshly-washed bedding dried outside.
  2. Finding the perfect, super-comfy, ‘weekend’ jeans.
  3. Suddenly seeing peonies everywhere* for the first time this year.
  4. The smug satisfaction that comes with washing all of your makeup brushes in one go.
  5. Discovering a some invisible socks that don’t slip off your heel after 3 minutes. Revelation. (by Pringle, FYI, with silicon all the way around the edge, and usually available in TK Maxx).

*By ‘everywhere’, I mean in florists’, rather than bloggers’ photos, where they seem to be all-year round.

What happy happenings have you had recently? Are any of them the same as mine?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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