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Five happy happenings #15


We’ve just spend a week in a cottage by the sea in Aberdeenshire and I’m now suffering from severe post-holiday blues. Admittedly it rained/snowed/hailed/sleeted for almost the entire week but just occasionally the sun would come out and we could see the view above from our bedroom and everything felt better. I might do a photo-heavy post about the trip, because some of the views were just gorgeous, even the ones featuring one of the biggest, darkest rainclouds known to (wo)man. Expect my five happy things to be feature the holiday heavily…

  1. Discovering (finally) Taylor Swift and blasting ‘1984’ out on the 7 hour drive north.
  2. Going to sleep to the sound of the sea (and, yes, the gale-force winds).
  3. Visiting Spey Bay and trying to spot dolphins. No, we didn’t see any, but it’s a lovely beach for a scramble and the Scottish Dolphin Centre does a great jacket potato (or two. See photo below for true Scottish carb-loading).
  4. Lambs! So many teeny tiny frolicking balls of adorable wool, so white that they look freshly-laundered.
  5. Staying in the village next door to Pennan, where the ace film ‘Local Hero’ was shot, and posing next to the phone box used by Mac to call his boss. If you haven’t seen it, do check it out – it’s warm, funny, and has gorgeous scenery. And a younger Peter Capaldi.

Just call me ‘Two Potatoes’ Mouse.




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