5 happy happenings #14

Tree blossomSo, it’s been a while. Sorry ’bout that, life got in the way. I’m so in awe of bloggers who work full-time and still manage to post several times a week – how do you do it? Anyway, I’m writing this on  a super sunny Good Friday, with a glass of wine and half a cookie (slightly odd combo, not going to lie), and 5 days off work ahead of me, which is making it much easier to think of five good things. Here goes:

  1. Air-dried washing – radiators just don’t give that fresh, clean smell.
  2. The prospect of our Chococo eggs – one honeycomb and one with dinosaurs inside. Really lovely chocolate and dinosaurs? Yes pls.
  3. Skin that’s behaving properly. Finally.
  4. Mr Mouse finding my Bobbi Brown Artstick in one of his jacket pockets after I’d given up hope of ever seeing it again.
  5. Lambs! Both frolicking in the fields and roasted for Easter lunch…

What happy happenings have you had recently?


I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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