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Valentine’s gifts for the (mostly) non-sappy

Some of us are Valentine’s Day people and some aren’t. The former see it as a special day on which those in relationships can show their love for their partner in a sweet and meaningful way, whilst those not currently with anyone can shyly indicate to their crush that they might want to hook up. Cute! Lovely! The latter think that it’s a day of ridiculous commercialism fuelled by Hallmark’s desire to make the public think that giving other people an overpriced bit of folded paper covered in glitter and poetry is a sincere way to demonstrate their feelings. Here in the Mouse House we treat it as something largely to be ignored apart from the annual competition to see who can find the most hideous card. We have been known to give gifts to each other but they’ve tended to fall into the ‘I bought this for your Christmas stocking, put it in a safe place and then forgot where I’d put it so here it is now, two months late’ category. However, if I was to receive any of the things here, I’d be mighty happy, no matter what day it was.

  1. For the defiantly unromantic amongst you, how about a loving insult? Find it, and many others, at the Links Etsy shop here, for £2.75.
  2. Ok, so lobsters don’t actually mate for life but who can resist a hand-iced lobster biccie? Ok, it’s spendy but they’re really really tasty, and you can personalise his little speech bubble. He’s here for £22.50 (I know, I know).
  3. ‘I love you lots, here’s an alcoholic gift. You can only have it if you promise to take me with you’. Sipsmith gin tasting experience, £65 for two, here.
  4. If you can say this, and mean it, to someone then it’s true love. Say with a mug, £15, here.
  5. I just like lobsters, ok? This whole collection of crockery is gorgeous but I especially like this bowl for £17. Get your claws on it here (sorrynotsorry.).
  6. Lastly, there’s the emphatic (and sweary) declaration of love from the fabulously named Calligraphuck. I want one of everything. Find it here for £4.




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