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My cosy kit


So, it appears that Winter Has Come when no-one was looking. I love winter to be properly cold so you can either go for a long walk and come home all rosy-cheeked and feeling virtuous, or curl up in an armchair with a book and feel very glad that you’re not outside in the freezing bloody cold. When I pick the latter activity (most of the time, to be honest), this is my preferred kind of hibernation kit.

I don’t own the Boden hoody yet but I will before the next snow. It looks super soft, a good length, and I love the contrasting hem. And the hood, obviously. Find it here for £49.50.

The Gap ‘Modal Pants’ are so very comfy for slouching around the house but feel more ‘together’ than wearing pjs all day. You can also pretend to be Princess Jasmine from Aladdin in them. They’re £24.95 here.

Mr Mouse and I both have a pair of the Celtic & Co sheepskin slippers (yes, we are that couple) and they’re the toastiest things your feet could wish for. Get some here for £59.00.

Sometimes it’s easier to curl up in socks than slippers and that’s where these fluffy dudes come in. Yes, they might get slightly sweaty but at least your toes won’t fall off. Find them here for £7.95.

It was a sad day on Wednesday when I found a moth hole in my cashmere wrist warmers. They’re my saviour when it comes to freezing cold offices and not-quite-long-enough coat sleeves but I also love them for keeping my hands warm when I’m reading. I’ll be ordering some more v. soon from Turtledoves here.

Last but by no means least, no cosy kit is complete without a giant blanket. We have this beaut from Linea, he’s called Clyde, and he’s the warmest thing I’ve ever snuggled with. They’re currently in the sale for £60 here.

What are your go-to cosy essentials?






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