2015’s happy happenings


2015 was a fairly good year, really; there were some really rather crap bits but any year that ends with one’s wedding can’t really be considered terrible. Here are my best bits:

  1. Marple arrived at Chez Mouse. She’s a moody little bugger who hates being picked up, loathes taking tablets, meows incessantly for no reason, and terrorizes the blackbirds in our garden, but we wouldn’t swap her for anything*.
  2. We visited Berlin for the first time. It’s as awesome as everyone says and we can’t wait to go back and explore further. Excellent coffee too.
  3. The Sali Hughes Beauty forum. Yes, internet forums are a bit 1997 but this one, attached to Sali Hughes’ marvellous website, is full of excellent women chatting about beauty and almost everything else.
  4. Binge-watching ridiculous American crime series: Bones, Castle, CSI, Lie to Me – we love them all, especially on rainy Sunday afternoons.
  5. Getting engaged on a rainy beach in Scotland. N’awww.
  6. Having the confidence to wear red lipstick to work.
  7. We had a week in a lovely cottage in the depths of the Scottish Highlands. There was no phone signal, no internet, an open fire, lots of books, and whiskey for Mr Mouse. Bliss.
  8. I finally went to the doctor about my returning depression. It’s been a tough year from that point of view and I’m rather proud of myself for dealing with it. I’ve written about it in more depth on my other blog here, if you’re interested.
  9. My two best friends finally met for the first time, on my Lady Chicken Do and no-one died (despite far too many cocktails and gin).
  10. We got married which was pretty damn awesome. It was a tiny wedding, with 19 of our friends and family, and lots of books, cake, champagne, and fun. It was one of my favourite days and I wish we could have it all over again (perhaps without Storm Desmond this time).

*Well, Mr Mouse wouldn’t. I might swap her for a lifetime’s supply of our wedding cake from Falko


What were the best things about your 2015?












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