Mio Liquid Yoga – a winter bath saviour

Mio Liquid YogaWhere has this bottle of miracles been all my life? Sometimes I need my bath to be relaxing and soothing and gentle, which is when I turn to one of these gems. Sometimes, though, I need something stronger for my soak (and I don’t just mean a G&T). If you’re bunged up and just generally feeling crap because you’ve got one of the horrible bugs that’s going around at the moment, or if you’re achy because you’ve been too enthusiastic with the exercise (of any kind…), then you need this in your bath.

It’s a blend of epsom salts (good for aches, pains, and circulation), arnica (great for healing), murumuru butter (super moisturising, apparently), sage, basil, horse chestnut, fig extract, and Mio’s special V-Tonic, which seems to be a mix of all the essential oils they could find which help with easing muscle aches, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. It’s also SLS-free, which is great for my sensitive skin which hates anything too aggressive in winter. Basically, it’s just the most soothing and nose-clearing bath soak that I’ve found and it negates the need to add Epson Salts separately, which is great because there are always a few that don’t dissolve and end up exactly where you don’t need something sharp…

It’s £26 but I recently bought a new bottle from Marks and Spencer, where they have new stock of their amazing beauty advent calendar, which is £25 if you spend over £25. If you can find a store with stock left, they also have 20% off this weekend, making it an even better deal. The calendar looks amazing and I can’t wait to start opening it in December – a little bird tells me that one of the gifts is a 50ml bottle of Liquid Yoga, which you could pass on to someone else and spread the soothing bath love. Alternatively you could just top up your big bottle with it…ahem.

Do you have a tried and tested remedy for the lurgy?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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