Autumn nails: Essie Sable Collar

Essie Sable CollarWe’re deep in the depths of autumn now and I’ve been glad to get back to dark polish. To be honest, I wore Essie Luxedo in July for a week, but it seems a bit more season-appropriate when it’s cold outside.

I’m usually a cream polish person but Essie Sable Collar is just so pretty, with its pearlescent sheen and plummy-cocoa base. Apologies for the photo, even in the bright sunshine (now a distant memory) it was nigh on impossible to capture the iridescence and depth – it’s really very pretty in real life, I promise.

As with all Essie shades, the formula and brush are both pretty damn good. This does seem to chip slightly more easily than most of the Essies that I have but that might be the fault of the new top coat I’m trying. I’ll give it a go with another colour and see how that fares…

It doesn’t seem to be sold at Boots or Superdrug anymore but I’ve found the ‘professional’ version (basically it just has a finer brush) at Nail Polish Direct for £8.95.

Are you glad to be back in deeper tones or do are more of a summer person?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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