Need a tote for that?

As of Monday shops in the UK are charging for plastic carrier bags. The Daily Mail would have you believe that there are going to be riots in the streets and the Express probably thinks that the lack of free plastic somehow contributed to the death of Princess Di, but I suspect that most of us will cope just fine with either paying 5p (to charity) or taking a bag of our own.

If you want a new tote to lug home your shopping, have a look at five of my favourites.ohhdeer-gemma-correll-blunt-pencil-tote-bag-blunt-pencil--pun--punny--puns--gemma-correll--punderful--stationary-31


I love Gemma Correll’s illustrations and Ohh Deer have a great selection in various guises. I love the shorter handles and the bag looks pretty sturdy.
Find it here for £14.95



Hello Harriet has some super cute designs (I’m currently trying to decide if I’m too old for a bunny iphone case…) and I love me a sloth so I think this one’s a winner.
Find him and his chums here for £10.84.



The misuse of ‘literally’ is one of my most hated grammatical errors so both this bag and the mug from the same range at The Literary Gift Company make me unreasonably happy.
You can literally find it here for £9.95.



I have the make-up bag from this range from Oliver Bonas and the matching tote is also ace. The fabric is sturdy, grey shows up grubby marks less than white, and as a bonus it has a zip-up top.
You can get it here for £15.00



If you prefer your punctuation big and bold, how about the ampersand bag from Alphabet Bags? I really like its simplicity and ampersands are so pretty.
Get it here for £13.00.

Which is your favourite of my choices?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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