Autumn nails: Leighton Denny Really Royal

I know it’s not technically autumn yet but it’s grey, drizzly, and I wore tights for the first time in months last week so sod it, the dark polishes are coming out.

Really Royal by Leighton Denny isn’t a unique shade in any way but it is a decent, shiny, blackened plum-red. It sits somewhere between Essie’s Sole Mate and Luxedo but I much prefer the wider Essie brush. The formula of Really Royal is a bit thin and streaky – it’s not the worst I’ve tried but it’s also chipped after two days so I wouldn’t rush to buy one at full price. Happily this one is free with this month’s Harpers Bazaar so you can try it, or three other colours, for a fairly reasonable £4.40.

You can also buy Leighton Denny from places like Look Fantastic, Marks and Spencer, and QVC, who usually have great value sets.

Have you started shunning the pastels and corals yet or are you still clinging hopefully to the last vestiges of summer?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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