Pay day treat: MV Organics Rose Soothing Protective Moisturiser

MV Organics1MV Organics is an Australian brand specialising in natural skincare for sensitive skins, including those with eczema and psoriasis, and made without the use of synthetic parabens, petrochemicals, or ethanol. I go through phases with my skincare, sometimes trying to stick to the more ‘natural’ brands and sometimes just going for whatever works the best – MV Organics make products which fit into both of these categories.

In real life the packaging of MV Organics products – white metal bottles with grey writing – is rather lovely but it is so bloody hard to photograph; apologies for the terrible picture. I’ll forgive it though because the content of the unphotogenic bottle is so gosh darn lovely.

It’s a thick cream that can be a little hard to spread; the brand suggests spraying a bit of their (equally marvellous) Rose Hydrating Mist into the palm of your hand and mixing it with the moisturiser before applying but I find just spraying your face much easier. For such a rich cream it can feel almost dry as you rub it in and has a surprisingly matte finish, which I think some find a bit off-putting; personally I just think it makes an ace of base for make-up and/or stops my sunscreen looking too shiny. I also love using it at night in addition to an oil for a double dose of moisture without feeling like I’m overloading my skin. It’s like a velvety hug for my face and is brilliant at calming sensitive bits and soothing any blemishes.

It is spendy but you do get 70ml so the cost per use isn’t too bad. You can also get a 15ml pot for £24, so you can give it a try without shelling out megabucks. My bottle has lasted bloody ages and I’ll definitely be repurchasing when it runs out. I also really want to try other products from the brand; the cream cleanser and one of the skin boosters are on my hit list.

Find it at Cult Beauty for £75.

Have you tried anything from MV Organics?

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