Lipstick Like: Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Poinsettia

Revlon Poinsettia lipstickFor someone who owns approx. 132 pinky nude lipsticks, this Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Poinsettia is seriously scary. I bought it at the same time as Revlon Cherries in the Snow so I was obviously having a bit of a moment that day. I also have the shade ‘Rose’, which is very much in my comfort zone and is great for smearing on when you’re in a hurry – much like my beloved Edith. Poinsettia, however, is a different story. You really don’t want to be whacking this one on with reckless abandon unless your style hero is The Joker.
Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Poinsettia swatchSee? It’s pretty damn bright. It’s slightly less neon in person, more of a blue-based, pinky toned red which actually looks pretty great on my super pale neutral skin. It might be a little too pink for more yellow toned complexions though.

I do quite like the formula of these; they’re smooth, creamy and do feel lightweight on the lips (which is their main selling-point), which is great for the more natural shades. For shades this bright, however, the creaminess is a bit of a disadvantage because it makes it just that bit more likely that the lippy will end up all over your face. I’d say that liner is a must with this, as is blotting the first layer and applying a second bit; I actually go further a blot the second layer too because I prefer my brights to be less gleamy and slightly more matte. Wear time is fairly average but it does fade pretty evenly, which is always good, and when the actual lipstick decided to exit stage left, it does leave a nice stain behind.

The worst thing for me is the smell of them. Why oh why do brands keep making lipsticks with scents that seem designed to appeal to seven year olds? I don’t mind MAC/Charlotte Tilbury’s vanilla cake batter scent but the overly sweet fruity nonsense is just vile. Luckily it doesn’t last long with these, but still, stop with the scents, damn it!

Ahem. Rant over.

All in all, I like it but I don’t love it, and I’ve only reached for it once since I bought it. There are some lovely colours in the range so if you don’t mind your lipstick being on the higher end of the maintenance scale (and smelling like a Fruit Salad), I’d recommend checking them out.

Find them at Boots where they’re currently on a 2 for £10 deal (normally £7.99).

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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