3 of the best…mascaras

I’ve mentioned before that I am super fussy when it comes to mascaras. Non-tubing mascaras, even waterproof, usually make me look like a panda who’s been in a bar brawl, and tubing one are often a bit lacklustre when it comes to volume/length. I also get bored easily so whilst the No7 Stay Perfect is great, I’ve been trying out some others in the hope of finding my mascara nirvana. The three that have impressed me the most are here – all Japanese, oddly, all very different, and all will (probably – I’m fickle, remember) be repurchased in the future.

First up is one of my all-time favourites, the djv beautinizer Fiberwig LX mascara (in the middle in the wand comparison). This beaut is best for lengthening and holding a curl (if I’m going to torture myself with eyelash curlers every morning, I bloody well want the curl to still be there in the evening), and because it’s a tubing formula, it never smudges or flakes. It comes off with warm water and a tiny bit of pressure and it also doesn’t take eyelashes with it, which is marvellous. For the purposes of research (ahem) I have left it on over night, having removed the rest of my make-up, obviously, and it still looks brilliant in the morning and can be taken off in the shower.

It can be found at Cult Beauty for £18.00 and is worth every penny.

The top wand in the comparison (but middle mascara in the top photo – sorry!) belongs to Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof. This isn’t tubing but it only smudges a teeny bit on me so I imagine that it will be pretty budge-proof on almost everyone else. I do find that I need to scrape a lot of excess that comes out on the wand for the first month or so, but it’s brilliant for volume and, like the Fiberwig, doesn’t make curled lashes droopy.

Also at Cult Beauty for £18.50.

Finally we have another tubing ace in the DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection mascara (enough with the extra long names now please). This one has a tiny wand that you can wiggle right at the base of the lashes and which I find handy to get the oddly curly lashes at the outer edges without poking myself in the eye. It can go a bit clumpy, which makes it hard to remove, but it’s worth it for the incredibly black definition that it gives.

Find it at Feel Unique where it’s currently in the sale for £12.33 (usually £14.50).

3 thoughts on “3 of the best…mascaras

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  2. Hey 🙂

    Oh wow, I haven’t heard of any of those, actually (which is weird, since I’m kinda obsessed with makeup.. wow!), but they seem so wonderful! The one that caught my eye was the Fairydrops Scandal Queen, and for obvious reasons – the packaging is incredible (rose-gold/metalic pink!!) and the brush is really unique. 😀

    Lovely post!

    Have a nice day! 😀



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