Makeup Revolution Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

Makeup Revolutions Golden Sugar PaletteThis is the only thing I own from Makeup Revolution, mainly because it isn’t sold in my local Superdrug, but it probably won’t be the last. I did a lot of swatching  when I finally found it in an Edinburgh store and there seem to be some incredible value bits to be had. In the end I settled for the Ultra Blush and Contour Palette in Golden Sugar. Now, let’s get the discoball elephant in the room out of the way, shall we? These are a lot brighter and more shimmery in real life than they are in my photo and I know no-one who would wear the majority of these shades as blusher or bronzer – the first shade would make you look like Frosty the Snowman and the penultimate would add more than a hint of glittery Oompa Loompa to your look. Thanks but no thanks.

However I can use most of the shades as highlighters, albeit with a very light hand, and the Oompa Loompa shade makes a fine eye shadow which would look particularly fabulous on blue eyes. The matte ‘contour’ shade is too dark and too orange for me with my ghostly visage but I guess it would work as a bronzer on those with a bit more colour.

My favourite colours are the third and fifth in the swatch (I would love the ones that are impossible to photograph, wouldn’t I?): a dusty rose and a sort of slightly gold-toned beige. They’re both sheerer than the rest and easy to whack on where my cheekbones would be if I had any for a subtle glow. I’ve actually used all of the non-bronzey shades and Mr Mouse has only asked me once why I’m so glittery – I’d call that a success.

The palette is really excellent value, especially if you have the skintone to be able to use all of the shades. The other palettes in the range (including ones with blushers that you can actually use as such) also look brilliant.

Find it here for £6, or in Superdrug if you’re lucky enough to have one that stocks Makeup Revolution.

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