Keep your desk happy with new stationery

Stationery seems to be having something of a moment and whilst for people like me, who have always loved it, this can be a little tiresome (no more posts from bloggers who seem to think that they’re the first person to have discovered the pretty notebook, please god), it does mean that there is currently a huge variety of things to choose from. So, you know, hooray and hurrah.

Ohh Deer Let's Get This Shit Done a5 padSource

Ohh Deer is a fabulous black hole of a website which is impossible to browse for less than 20 minutes – you’ve been warned. This little A5 pad is from their own brand of stationery and is perfect for anyone who works from home/has a relaxed boss. And yes, ‘tea break’ should definitely go in the first category.

It’s £4.95 here.


I bloody love dinosaurs (as evidenced by this post) and I love notebooks so what could be better than a triceratops holding a pad the Dinosaurs Decomposition Book? It’s made from recycled paper, printed with soy ink, is chlorine-free, and I’m 99% positive that no dinosaurs were harmed in the making of it. See how happy that makes the parasaurolophus?

Find it at Wordery (an excellent Amazon alternative, by the way) for £6.20.  rifle-paper-co-jardin-floral-weekly-desk-planner-pad_largeSource

Rifle Paper Co is one of the stationery brands much beloved of bloggers and although I hate to admit it, I can see why. Their illustrations are striking but simple and they brighten up things nicely. They’re a bit tricky to find in the UK but the wonderful Fox and Star has a small selection, including this lovely deskpad. I can’t really work without a To Do list and like the idea of seeing the week on one page (which you can then rip off and recycle when you’re done – v. satisfying).

The pad is currently in the sale for £8.50 here.


While browsing over at Fox & Star I noticed these little pastel-toned gems. Every happy desk needs geometric stickers, right? There are a whopping 480 in this pack in 8 different designs, from teeny tiny page markers to much bigger list-sized labels.

Find them here for £8.99.


Sometimes leopards are happy and sometimes they’re just having a bad day and don’t want to speak to anyone. I know how they feel. This dude is grumpy and wants you to know it. He also has lovely thick paper, a place-marker ribbon, and is made in the UK, all of which are reasons that he should be cheery – maybe he smiles when we’re not looking?

Find him here at Ohh Deer for £8.

Do you fancy any of these to brighten up your desk?

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