My scent of Summer (and Spring, Autumn and Winter)

diptyque-philosykosFig fragrances have become as much of a blogger cliché as peonies but I’ve loved them both for far longer than I’ve been reading/writing blogs. Being me, however, I’m quite fussy about my figs and have tried quite a few products and scents to find my favourites. I need my figs to smell woody and green, rather than fruity and sweet which is the direction that most seem to lean in. There are some products that tend towards the fruitier end of the figgy spectrum that I don’t mind – Soap & Glory Butter Yourself lotion is fine for legs, as is Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Souffle Body Creme – but I don’t want them in perfume form, pleasethankyou.

The scent I’ve ended up with is one that I’ve tried to avoid because everyone loves it and I seem particularly averse to liking things that everyone likes (apart from, you know, fig perfumes and peonies). In the end, though, I couldn’t put off buying it any longer because I was beginning to get odd looks in Space NK when I went in to try it for the eleventy eighth time. So, here it is in all its fresh, green, woody, milky glory – Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette.

Unlike so many scents it actually smells ace on me – hallelujah. Diptyque’s website describes it as being the scent of the whole fig tree with “fresh leaf, green fruit, bark, and all [the fig tree’s] milky sap…intensified with a touch of white cedar”. I think the key is the huge hit of green woodiness which is offset by the slightly softer note of the sap. It’s divine and if I could only wear one perfume for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be too sad if it was this one. Also, being Diptyque, it’s damn pretty.

My one criticism if that it fades really quickly on me. This isn’t too much of a problem because I’m perfectly happy to carry the bottle with me so I can get my figgy hit around midday but it’s a spendy habit. The Eau de Parfum is also great but it’s warmer and doesn’t suit me quite as well. Ah well, next time I’ll go straight for the 100ml…

Find it at Space NK from £58 for 50ml.

Do you like figgy scents? What’s your go-to fragrance for summer?

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