Summer nails – Essie Red Noveau

I’ve recently discovered that, because my hands are more neutral in tone than my face, I can get away with much more orangey-toned reds on my nails than I can on my lips. I’d previously only worn blue-toned red nails and so had put them firmly in the Autumn/Winter/Festive category, thinking that they looked a bit odd in the sun, so I’m rather pleased that I now have an alternative to pinks and corals in the Summer.

This is Essie Red Nouveau. It’s a salon shade, so it isn’t one of the colours available from Boots, but it’s fairly similar to Fifth Avenue. It has one of the smaller thinner brushes which I thought I hated but actually it went on really smoothly and there wasn’t much tidying up to be done – maybe my mindfulness colouring is helping me stay inside the lines? Paired with the new Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D top coat, it’s lasted 3 days without a chip so far, which is pretty good for me.

Find Essie Red Nouveau at Beauty Flash for £8.95 and Sally Hansen Gel Shine 3D Top Coat at Boots for £6.95.

Do you like reds in the Summer?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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