5 happy happenings #5

cropped-img_1165.jpgI’ll be honest, it hasn’t been the best couple of weeks. A combo of work deadlines, a strange run of headaches, and the reappearance of the Black Dog has resulted in me feeling a little like I’ve been through a mangle. However Mr Mouse and I are off to Berlin for a few days tomorrow so hopefully a break will help – fingers and paws crossed it doesn’t rain…

I have managed to find 5 little things that helped to brighten up a miserable few weeks – here we go:

1. Our (tiny) apple tree blossoming just as the cherry blossom was vanishing. 2. Watching the bats flit around at dusk. 3. Banana, almond butter, cacao, and almond milk smoothies. So good and great for when you can’t face       eating. 4. Marple being unusually affectionate and insisting on curling up on me at every opportunity. 5. Finally getting A Bird in the Hand by Diana Henry – wonderfully comforting, both in writing and taste (the recipes, obviously, not the book. I don’t recommend nibbling on the pages).

Have a bonus cat photo, just because.

All paws

What happy happenings have you had this week?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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