Autumn Nails – Rimmel Salon Pro by Kate in Saturn

Autumn has well and here in Durham. All week it’s been misty and drizzly but this morning we woke up to find sunshine and blue skies, which was excellent because this nail polish really need some sun to bring out it’s prettiness. I’m usually a creme polish kind of person, but Rimmel Salon Pro in Saturn has swayed me slightly.

Rimmel SaturnThis is actually my first Salon Pro polish and I’m largely impressed, especially for for £4.49. The addition of Lycra to the formula is meant to give ‘up to 10 days’ of chip-free wear; I managed four with minimal tip-wear and no chips. To be honest, Rimmel have been fairly cautious with their wording there – up to 10 could mean one for some people and 10 for others. Four is pretty good on my nails so I was happy.

The brush is really wide, possibly a little too wide for me. Three of my nails are fairly narrow and I had to be really careful not to paint my fingers at the same time. Essie brushes are still my favourite by a long way. The formula went on really smoothly but I did need two coats for full coverage (and maximum sparkle!).

The colour is a gorgeous dark olive green (although if you ever get an olive this colour, I’d be surprised) with a super fine golden shimmer running through it. In low light it can look brown but in sunlight the shimmer really comes through.

Rimmel Saturn close-up I’d happily buy a couple more of these polishes, especially as they’re frequently on offer in Boots. Currently it’s two for £10 on lots of Rimmel products, including foundations and mascaras.

Find it here for £4.49.


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