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Ice Ice Baby

Apparently it’s quite hot this summer in 99% of the UK and we’re all melting. If this sounds familiar, or if you just like a good G&T*, you’re probably getting through a fair amount of ice at the moment. I see no reason why ice has to only come in boring cubes so here are my favourite ways to brighten up your drink/cool down your  everything. Better that the ice melts than you, right?

*if you don’t like gin, I’m afraid that we can’t be friends. Sorry.


As you know from this, I do love me some dinosaurs. I also love a pun so let me present Fossiliced. Whilst getting a drink with a T-Rex foot in it would be great, one with a triceratops head would be Awesome.

I was afraid that these were now extinct (sorry) but I found them here for £8.99. I’m afraid that you don’t get the dude in the background.

CoolamariAnother excellent pun in the form of Coolamari. Look at their little faces! I was a bit torn as to whether these were creepy or cute but I couldn’t resist the tiny squids’ expressions. If they had eyebrows, they’d be raised. They also look as they’d almost fill a tumbler so maybe stick to these with a pint glass of Pimms.

Find the little critters here for £7.95.



I love these kitty-shaped ice cubes and I like the fact that the tray looks as if a giant coral cat ate lots of other little cats. It’s also a bargain at £4.50.

Find it here, from The Cat Gallery, which is a slightly bonkers shop in York specialising in – you guessed it – cat-related gifts.

Lakeland ice cube

 I don’t know why Lakeland decided to use this rather crappy photo to illustrate this amazing Doctor Who-themed ice cube making receptacle. In real life, it’s not stripy, it’s just great. The K9 ice cubes make any drink better, and the Dalek’s little antennae actually do come out still attached.

Get yours here for £5.99.

polar bear ice cube

Another contender for creepy or cute is this possibly adorable ten-legged polar bear.  You take off his nose, fill his legs with water, let him sit in the freezer for a bit, bash the hell out of him to loosen the ice paws, and tip them out through his nose. It sounds like a great stress-reliever if you can get over the minor cruelty involved.

He’s here for £9.99. Be careful if you have a Bird’s Eye polar bear in your freezer already, they can get territorial.

How are you coping with the summer heat?


I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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