Spring nails – Essie Style Hunter

Style Hunter was part of Essie’s Spring collection this year and I (mostly) love it. I received it in the third of British Beauty Blogger’s beauty boxes (try saying that after three G&Ts) which was great, because I’d been putting off buying it just in case I got this one. I love it when luck is on my side.

It’s a bright raspberry creme and goes on really smoothly, as do most Essie polishes. To be honest, it’s so pigmented that I could have just done one coat and a top coat but I like to be thorough so this is two thin coats. I love Essie brushes, which are wide enough to cover my nails in one stroke and not too long – I’m clumsy and if it’s possible for me to paint my whole hand by mistake, I probably will, but these brushes make it pretty easy to be neat.

It’s pretty damn hard to get a decent photo of this colour, for some reason. It looks lighter here than it does in person, where it’s richer and deeper. The shine here seems to show off any slight ridges in the nails too, whereas they really don’t show up under the smooth formula in real life.

IMG_1204 My only growl about Style Hunter is that it seems to chip more quickly than Essie polishes usually do. I only managed about 36 hours without small chips at the tips. I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and put this down to being extra-busy at work and doing much furious typing, which is terrible for nail polish. Hopefully it’ll behave better at a slightly less manic time…

Style Hunter is still available at Boots and is £7.99.

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