Spring Scarves

I always think that Spring is a tricky season to dress for, as it swings from bright sunshine and glorious warmth to pelting rain and window-rattling winds that make you really regret leaving your coat at home. My Spring essential, in addition to an umbrella and a determination to find trudging through puddles in ballet pumps fun, is a good scarf. I’m rarely without a stupidly long cashmere wrap thing in Winter as I’m almost always cold, but slightly warmer weather needs something lighter.

I love animal print but don’t have the guts to wear it in clothing form so this scarf is perfect for me. It’s from Oasis and is apparently ‘dalmation’ print. It’s floaty and easily stuffed into a bag when the sun decides to come out for ten minutes.

dalmation scarfIt’s £12 here but you’ll have to race me to the checkout.

Becksondergaard do some gorgeous scarves, from cool cotton to warmer and softer wool/silk mixes. I have this one (look at the little glittery blobs!) and it’s currently only £8.50 in the Asos sale. I’d recommend washing the cotton ones gently a couple of times to make them softer but then they’re ace.

My pick of the wool/silk mixes is this beauty. It’s cool enough to not overheat you on Spring days and will be warm enough for Autumn. The muted colour is gorgeous and I do love a star print. It might not look as exciting as others but it’ll go with almost everything in my wardrobe (I might be guilty of wearing a lot of black, even in Summer).


This one is £69 here and if it’s still there on pay day I might snap it up.

I saw this beauty over on Domestic Sluttery a few weeks ago. When he’s all scrunched up around you neck he just looks like a pretty geometric pattern but he’s actually a unicorn – magical! The colour is brilliant – even a black t-shirt fan like me occasionally wants something brighter when the sun is out – and I love the slightly rough edges.

tamara_blueHe looks equally spiffy in hot pink and you can see how great he looks scrunched up. No-one can tell that you have a unicorn around your neck – he’s your very own secret unicorn.

tamara_pink_styleWhat more could you want for £18? Find him here.

If brightly coloured magical creatures aren’t your thing, how about stripes? This one is long enough to really wrap up in if it gets chilly and has tiny specks of neon thread woven into it. I love navy and white, and I also really like black and navy together so there’s nothing that this wouldn’t go with.


It’s £18 here. Behold the tiny speckles of joy.

Do you depend on scarves for the ridiculous Spring weather?

2 thoughts on “Spring Scarves

  1. Love your scarf choices! I’m a huge scarf lover today – so often they’re perfectly pull together any outfit. Plus, they’re definitely life-savers during spring / fall 😉


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