End of the month treat…Cute Paper Goods

Just because it’s the end of the month and your bank account is almost empty, it doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself to something tiny. If you’d like this tiny something to be kitsch stationery then you could do worse than have a look at Cute Paper Goods. They sell absurdly cute Japanese and European stationery and whilst some of it might be slightly much too much for those over the age of 13, some of it is brilliant (and really affordable).

 I love Moleskine notebooks but they can be intimidating in their expensive blankness; I just can’t bring myself to use them for things as mundane as shopping lists. These however are cheap enough to be useable and they feature a giant cat.


You’ll get one of four different designs, randomly selected – I think I’d hope for the cat bounding through the tress, that looks like fun. The notebooks are just £2 each here.

If you have a new notebook, you need a new pen. I’ve always loved pens, can spend ages trying out new ones in Paperchase, and also never seem to have one handy. These gel fine liners would almost definitely be visible in the bottom of my bag and are in suitably pretty Spring colours. Extra marks if you can coordinate your pen to your outfit.


They’re £1.50 each here. I’ll take the gingham pink plaid one please.

I rediscovered the joy of using patterned tape for presents at Christmas when I found a pack of Cath Kidston masking tape. So much prettier than plain sellotape, especially if you start colour co-coordinating the tape with the paper and tag (yes, I’m afraid that I am that person). These little rolls of tape come in some really sweet designs (as well as some that you might have to pass onto your youngest relative) – I love the London one.


You can get four rolls for £3.50 here (which is a damn sight cheaper than Cath Kidston) and once again the designs are randomly selected.

I love getting proper post, especially postcards with pictures of pandas and otters, and letters with actual handwriting. I can’t help but think that paper decorated with little matryoshka dolls would make a letter even better. This set comes with 8 sheets of papers, 4 doll tags, 4 envelopes and red string to finish them off, which is a nice touch.


 The set is £4 here. I like the matryoshka with the chicken, if anyone fancies writing to me.

There’s also free UK P&P at the moment, which makes it almost rude not to get something. Do you think you might be tempted to buy something this kitsch at the end of the month?



4 thoughts on “End of the month treat…Cute Paper Goods

  1. I just looked at their website and I could seriously buy most of the stuff on there. I do need little sticky tabs to mark pages for when I review books, so I can justify at least one purchase! So pleased they are nice and cheap too. 🙂


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