Spring colours for every room

Spring finally seemed to have properly sprung in this part of the world but it wasn’t to be. However, I’m still filled with a desire to fill the Mouse House with bright colours and daffodils, to combat the grey skies.

Starting in the kitchen, with this set from Joseph Joseph. It’s wonderfully colourful, with a certain nesting doll quality, and ‘stackable’ is a magic words for those with tiny kitchens (and barns). It’s not just bowls, although you get a 4.5l and a 0.5l mixing bowl; there’s also a colander, a sieve, five measuring cups and a tablespoon measure.

Joseph Joseph bowl set

It’s currently available at the  slightly discounted price of £35.20 here.

For the dining room/ dining-sofa, we have gorgeous glasses. I always forget about Zara Home which is silly because they have some lovely things whenever I remember to look at the website. I love coloured glass so I love this turquoise patterned collection. I’m a white wine drinker so my wine would look like the water of a Mediterranean swimming pool. Hopefully red wine wouldn’t look the colour of a particularly fetching bruise…

Zara Home turquoise glasses


The glasses are £3.99 – £4.99 and are here. I also think there’s 20% off as well as free postage on Saturday. Which is nice.

Also for the sofa, once it has thrown off its dining-table disguise, are cushions. Now, I’m always a little unsure about cushions. I love the concept – soft, colourful, pretty adornments which also make sofas comfier – but not the current reality – annoying little buggers who love to slide off the leather sofa at every opportunity. However, these velvet beauties from Oliver Bonas might just tempt me to give cushions another go, even if there are just for decoration. The velvet is cotton, so no static hopefully, and the colours are fabulous. I’m quite taken by the ‘primrose’ and the ‘currant’.


They’re £30 each here, and come with the feather pad.

Spring bedrooms need bright bedding. I completely missed the pink phase when I was younger and although it still isn’t my favourite colour, I do have a soft spot for the odd bit of fuchsia. I’m not sure whether I could have this bedding on the whole bed, but I love the idea of bright pink pillow cases with a white duvet cover. If you’re not a lover of fuchsia, you could try the turquoise or the coral.

Zara Home Fuchsia bed linen

The fuchsia percale bedding starts at £6.99 and you can find it here.

Finally, bathrooms can always do with a flash of colour and new towels are an easy way to get one. I’m a bit odd about towels, preferring the rough, non-fluffy kind, but I do realise that this isn’t normal. This stack is from BHS (I know, right) and promises to get better, softer and more absorbant with lots of use (and, hopefully, washing). This isn’t the brightest shade but they’re also available in teal, deep red, satsuma, and the brilliantly (and misleadingly) named ultraviolet.

BHS pruple towel baleThe purple towels are here and are between £2 for a flannel face cloth and £22 for a bath sheet.

Has Spring sprung where you are, and have you been tempted to go crazy with the brights?

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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