3 of the best…shower gels

Our shower broke last weekend, which means that I’ve been shivering in a bath with 3 cm of water, washing my hair with a bowl for a week. Thankfully Aromatherapy Associates’ Revive Morning Bath Oil was on hand to keep me awake and to stop me falling asleep and knocking myself out on the taps. I’ve missed my morning shower more than is reasonable, and these are the products I’ve missed using.

I love lots of L’Occitane products, like their hand cream, but the Almond Shower Oil is my favourite. It’s a rich oil which turns into a gorgeous milk when it comes into contact with water, making it feel pretty luxurious. I’d question the official description, which says that it turns into a ‘lavish foam’ – lavish yes, foamy not so much.


It smells of almond blossom, rather than sweet marzipan, so it’s lighter and fresher than you might think. It’s also great for using when you shave your legs…
It’s here for £17.50 for 250ml. There’s also a 500ml refill for £23.50.

One of my favourite Summer scents is Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin cologne – it’s really fresh, light and zingy. Whilst Korres Basil Lemon shower gel doesn’t smell that similar, it shares the same zesty herbaceousness* which makes it perfect for waking you up in the morning.
*it’s totally a word. Or it should be.


It’s non-drying, free from mineral oil and parabens, and is just generally lovely.
Find it here for £8 for 250ml.

When I’m feeling a bit rubbish, a bit tired and in need of a hug, this is the shower product that I turn to. Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream smells really comforting and clean, like a grown-up version of baby lotion, and is extremely moisturising and softening. Despite being free from SLS it foams up well and a little goes a really long way.



This blanket in a bottle is £23 for 300ml, although it’s currently available here for £19.49. It also pops up in lots of special deals and sets, including the Elemis Today’s Special Value on QVC on Sunday.


4 thoughts on “3 of the best…shower gels

  1. Can I also recommend The Body Shop’s Moringa shower gel? All their stuff is amazing, but that scent is my favourite. Really fresh and a bit floral and fruity. Nice big bottle for £4!


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