Jamsmith: jam through the post.

Everyone loves getting exciting post, especially when most of the things that come through the letterbox these days are bills and pizza delivery fliers. I love that there are now lots of different companies offering subscriptions to monthly treats, from coffee to stationery, flowers to beauty. And then there’s jam.


The Jamsmith Jam Club was actually one of the first ‘subscription’ services that I heard about, through the fabulous Domestic Sluttery back in 2011. I’ve since bought two subscriptions for people as gifts and have first-hand experience of jam-tasting – it’s pretty damn good.

 Jamsmith is run by Vicky Smith, who makes all of the jam herself, in small batches from seasonal fruits with fairtrade sugar and no additives or preservatives. You don’t get a choice of flavours, but that’s what makes it fun – I really didn’t think I’d like Bramble and Cassis jelly, but it was amazing. Other previous flavours have included blueberry, garden rhubarb and lime;  lemon, pear, and ginger; and apricot, rose petal, and cardamom, all of which sound brilliant.

the jam (1)

When you join, you’ll receive two 125g jars of different jams each month, along with tasting notes, serving suggestions and a recipe. I love the personal touches, such as the handwritten jar labels and the boxes tied with string – they make the parcels feel really special. The jars also make great tealight holders when you’ve scoffed all the jam.

One month is £10, three £28.50, and six £54. I’d highly recommend it as a treat for yourself or for a very lucky jam-loving friend/relative.

The photos in the post are taken from with the owner’s permission. 

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