J by Jonathan Ward

I love a good scented candle, especially those which faintly scent the room even when unlit, but they can often be prohibitively expensive. It would be great to be able to regularly spend £40 on Diptyque beauties but it isn’t going to happen, so I was happy to see that Jonathan Ward has a diffusion line and even happier to find some in TK Maxx.


Made from a mix of American sustainable soy and beeswax, with organic cotton wicks, these are lovely candles. They really throw out their scents, meaning that you only have to have them lit for 45 minutes or so at a time which in turn makes them pretty good value. The two wick glasses, like the one below, have a burn time of 25 hours.

My current scent of choice is Windsor Embers, which reminds me of woodfires, leather books and sexy cologne – it’s a keeper! I love the sound of Woodstock and Midnight Sherwood – they’re all so English. I also like how the glass jars glow when lit – they’ll make great tealight holders when they’re empty.

The two wick candles are £16 here (or £7.99 if you’re lucky enough to find one in TK Maxx).

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