3 of the best…hand creams

I get really dry hands in winter – all those changes in temperature and time spent in gloves makes them tight and uncomfortable, and reading a lot doesn’t help as paper is seriously dehydrating. I have lots of hand creams (at least one in  each handbag, two of my desk, a couple on my bedside table etc.) but these are the ones I think do the best job.

L’Occitane 20 % Shea Butter Hand Cream is a miracle worker. Slather on a thickish layer at bedtime and wake up to softer, smoother, less irritated hands. If you hate thick creams which take a while to absorb, this isn’t the one for you, but for indulgent richness this one can’t be beaten.


Buy it here for £19.00.

I love Cowshed products – the Grumpy Cow candle is marvellous for cheering me up, fittingly – and their Restoring Hand Cream is no exception. It has lavender and fennel oils for healing and soothing, and it smells lovely. I also love the bottle with a pump, which means that you won’t try to put the lid back on the tube with slippery hands and end up shooting it across the room. Only me? Ok.


Buy it here for £16.99. It also come in a travel size tube for £8.00.

Nuxe’s Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream is rich but is also absorbed really quickly. It smells fabulous – it contains  honey and sweet almond oil so it’s the sweetest of the three – and is really moisturising. The whole Rêve de Miel range is great, actually, especially the Fondant Shower Gel (I love the word ‘fondant’, it just sounds so soft and melting…)


Buy it here where one tube is £10.50 and two tubes are £10.00. Which is odd.

What are you favourite creams for saving your hands from the ravages of winter?

3 thoughts on “3 of the best…hand creams

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  2. I have that Nuxe badger on my desk at work. It’s a good one. I also recommend the Clarins Jeunesse de Mains cream, which has a similar non-greasy finish.


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