Winter Nails – Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush

I’m really not a fan of nail art or anything too elaborate on my nails. This is partly because my nails tend to act like teflon for polish, with it sliding and chipping off far more quickly than it’s meant to*, and partly because I’m fairly cack-handed and any attempt at  something fancy ends up looking like a three year old has had too much fun.  But when the sainted Sali Hughes mentioned matte polish in her column on Saturday, I thought it was worth a go – I mean, how much harder can it be than usual?

This is Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush, a really lovely raspberry shade, although you can see that it gets much darker with three coats. It would have been fine with one or two, but old habits die hard.



Barry M polishes always go on fairly smoothly, even if the brush is a bit smaller than I like. The matte finish does seem to highlight untidy cuticles and ridges in the nails, but it could be a lot worse. My main issue is with how badly it wears – mine lasted about a day and a half before it chipped, which is irritating. I’m willing to belief that this is just me as lots of reviews comment on how chip-resistant it is. Sigh.

I think my next purchase might be a matte topcoat, as I really like the look but obviously my nails can’t cope without something to seal the colour on a bit. I’ll be having words with them later.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint is £3,99 – get it at Boots and get Advantage Card points.

*My hair is the same with hair dye – permanent colour lasts about a week before it’s all washed out. Annoyingly, my skin is the opposite, so my one dalliance with St Tropez ended in me looking yellow and stripy for weeks. Ace.

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