Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oils

When asked if I’m a bath or shower person, I always choose the latter – when you’ve lived in as many places with rubbish water pressure as I have, you come to appreciate the fact that showers are approx. 1400 times quicker than running a bath. Also, I have quite dry skin and although I like a bath with masses of bubbles as much as the next person, bubble baths tend to be leave me feeling like a snake ready to shed its skin. However there are a few bath products that have become permanent stand-bys , for the rare occasions on which the day has been so bad that only a bath and a G&T will do, and I think these bath oils will soon be joining them.

Aromatherapy Associates are a company who pride themselves on using the finest essential oils at levels which really make a difference – these aren’t bog-standard products with a drop of lavender flung in at the end for a pretty smell, they really work to change the way that you feel. The range is also free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, and animal-derivatives, and nothing is tested on animals.

I couldn’t resist this set of Essential Travel Oils when I saw in the Beauty Bay sale. The set is usually £32 and, having tried them, I think that it’s worth it. The four oils are Deep Relax (vetiver, camomile, and sandalwood), Revive Morning (grapefruit, rosemary, and juniper), Revive Evening (geranium, ylang ylang, patchouli, and sandalwood), and Support Lavender and Peppermint (the clue’s in the name).



I was a little skeptical about the powers of aromatherapy, but a bath with two capfuls of Deep Relax (and a G&T) knocked me out almost instantly. The oils are moisturising and the scent more than makes up for the lack of bubbles. The Morning Revive is brilliant after exercise and if you don’t have time for a bath, the oils can also be massaged into dry skin before a shower. I haven’t tried Revive Evening yet, but if it can stop me wanting to hide under a blanket rather than go back out in the evening, it’s truly magical.

Once I’d bought the dinky travel set – and it is dinky: the bottles are 7.5 mls each, or 3 baths – I saw a full-size bottle of De-stress Mind for the bargain price of £14.00 at Victoria Health (which is an amazing treasure trove of a website).



Scented with frankincense, petitgrain, wild camomile and rosemary, it’s designed to help with stress, confusion and focus. It smells amazing and pretty powerful, so even smelling it in the bottle is a head-clearing experience. The big bottle contains 55 mls, enough for 20 baths/showers. They are usually £39 so it works out at under £2 a bath – less than a bath bomb and eleventy times better for you. Inner Strength bath oil, designed to provide an emotional boost, is my next target.

The Essential Travel Oils are here for £24.00 and De-stress Mind is currently £19.50 here.

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