Winter nails – Essie Lady Godiva

I used to be convinced that my fingers were too stumpy to get away with bright or dark colours on my nails so they looked on in envy as my toenails enjoyed myriad colours. One day I said sod it and they got all excited, dreaming of greens and blues and oranges, only to find that whilst my toes continue to be painted whichever colour floats my boat at the time, they get to be dark brown/plum/purple (in Winter) and coral/red in the Summer. Whilst I may have shaken my conviction that any colour looks awful, I’m a creature of habit, apparently.

My favourite of the winter polishes is Lady Godiva by Essie. It’s a gorgeous rich dark brown that has a slightly less red undertone than my other favourite, Chocolate Cakes, also by Essie. I always use the rubbery Orly Bonder as a base coat and Essie’s Good to Go on top. Quick dry top coats are a godsend for the less patient among us, and are brilliant if you tend to paint your nails before bed. No-one likes those odd sheet marks on fresh polish.

Lady Godiva

I love how shiny the Essie polishes are, especially the Good to Go, and they have an ace range of browns and dark reds. Sole Mate is a plummy treat for cold months.

Essie polishes are currently on 3 for 2 at Boots, priced from £7.99.

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