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I’ve loved dinosaurs since my friends and I scared ourselves senseless watching Jurassic Park for my 10th birthday (the doorbell rang during the scene in the kitchen – there was screaming), and am always on the look out for a good dino accessories that aren’t for 4 year old boys.

These tiny dinosaur earrings seem a good place to dip your toe into jurassic jewellery. You get a triceratops and a brachiosaurus hung on gold-plated posts, and I think they’re adorable (clearly I wouldn’t say this to their faces, the triceratops looks stern).

normal_lost worldThey’re £11.95 from NotontheHighStreet, which is a highly addictive site and I urge you not to visit unless armed with lots of time and no access to your credit card.

I’d like to say that I love all dinosaurs equally but I’d be lying. Triceratopses (really, that’s a word, apparently) are where it’s at. This foldy little fellow has been on my lust-radar for some time and might finally make it to my Christmas list this year.


He’s a £117 from Boticca and although he’s spendy, he’ll last a lot longer than most origami. Just be careful of those horns…

If you’d rather have a dinosaur on your wall than about your person, this awesome print is here to help. Not only is it a dinosaur, it’s a robot (almost)!

normal_mechanical-t-rex-printI haven’t shown you the triceratops, partly in the interests of impartiality and partly because LOOK AT HIS TINY ARMS. This T-Rex looks thoroughly pissed off at being stuck on a pink background, which just adds to his charm. Other colours/dinosaurs are available but none have arms this silly. He’s £29.50, again from Notonthehighstreet. Told you it was dangerous.

Maybe the real reason that the teeny-armed beast is grumpy is because someone has stolen his drink, and by someone I mean this guy. He’s pink but he has tea so he’s much happier. He might still look scary but inside he’s thrilled.


He’s £9.95 from To Dry For, which has loads of great designs. Tea Towels might sounds like an odd present but who wouldn’t want a Bear Hug when they’d done the washing up?

Finally, your feet need some dino action too, which is where these beauties come in.

dino socks

They’re not going to keep you terribly warm over the winter but they will make you smile/warm your heart etc etc. which is in no way almost the same thing. They’re £8 for three different pairs from Asos.

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