Keeping cosy

In my mind, winter is brilliant. It’s all crisp blue skies, roaring open fires, and curling up in wing-back armchairs with boozy hot chocolate and a good book. In reality, it’s more shivering at the bus stop in the drizzle, sitting as close as is humanly possible to the radiator and wearing gloves in the office. Typing in gloves is not easy. So this is my list of  winter warmers.

First up are socks, and not just any socks, oh no. These cashmere socks are what my feet dream of (when they’re not dreaming of these). They’re really really soft, like little clouds for your toes, but the 15% nylon makes them much harder-wearing than pure cashmere would be.

Brora socks

They also come in fabulous colours, like blueberry, tea rose, kingfisher and, my favourite, ruby. I don’t know how you could fail to be a little cheered by having toasty ruby feet. They are expensive at £32, but last for years if you treat them nicely and make a lovely present for those permanently cold-footed people in your life.

Keeping your feet warm helps a lot, but having warm feet and being under a blanket on the sofa is obviously better.


These fringed throws from Jodie Byrne look really cosy, are 100% new lambswool and come in much brighter colours than John Lewis’ equivalent (although those are described as ‘kitten-soft’, which immediately makes me want to test that claim out). I love the turquoise, which would clash beautifully with the ruby socks, although the ‘jeans blue’ might hide coffee stains better  be more practical. They’re £68.00 and also come in checks of various colours (which are bizarrely described as ‘energetic woollen sofa throws’. The mind boggles.)

A good flask is another cold weather essential. They can be taken on long walks with soup if you’re feeling energetic or taken to the sofa with coffee/hot chocolate if you’re not.


Whilst actual Thermos‘ now come in a (small) variety of colours, dispensing your hot beverage from something featuring woodland creatures is clearly preferable. Handily, Rusty the Fox can be found adorning this flask. He’s £11.99 and is big enough for a huge mug of something.

I don’t think I could get through winter without a good hot water bottle. Mine is a slightly ratty fleecy one that I got from Boots about 4 years ago but I think I might upgrade to one of these lovelies


Handmade in Scotland from soft soft lambswool, they come with the actual bottle (surprisingly rare for Etsy/Folksy covers) and available in various colours in limited numbers. This one is just the right side of twee and is £18.00. If you really can’t bear to be separated from it, there are also some mini versions which can be hugged at your desk.

I love reading comments so let me know what you think!

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